Week 16 Miracle

As this month comes to an end and another starts we will move on to scroll 5 of the greatest salesman. So far I  have read four scrolls, some have been a challenge but all have a clear message that seems to stick in the mind throughout the day.Plus reading each scroll 3X daily certainly, helps with this.

Scroll 4  say in the first sentence

“I am nature’s greatest miracle “.

Now by following the comments by other members, some were having difficulty in relating to this. I would put my hand up and state here that I was one of them. At first, I was reading the words, but for some reason, they didn’t quite resonate within me. After a week I noticed a shift when I started asking myself “Why” and took this through into a “Sit”. During my this, I found it difficult to calm my mind and found it wandering in through.All over the place a bit like an over-energetic puppy., from what happen minutes ago to way back as far as my early days at school. Where I would rather play and have a laugh, than sitting still in a boring classroom.Then I would be reliving an event as a young boy learning to swim, not so good at first, but I did end up as the captain of the high school water polo team. And on the mind would go about the jobs I had and relations ships and friends good and not so good. I was glad when the alarm sounded at the 20 min mark.Coming back to some sense of normality and a bit of thinking, then a… Wam…. one of those things that seem to be happening a lot lately.

I was reliving moments in my life where things or circumstances impacted on me in ways that lead me to my own thinking and internal talk of not being good enough and dragged into the “river of dreams” AKA how we should “be” or behave to suit the external environment around us.

Now I would not have known this 16 weeks ago before I began this joinery with MKMMA. I would not have known about the cement on the golden Buddha, and what cracking of this cement so the light could shine meant.  nor did I realise the payoff to reading a couple of pages in a book published when I was about ten years old.

For me, the payoff from what I and others are getting from this little bit of reading 3X a day is a habit has been formed and with any habit things happen. Persistence has shown up and I believe.

“I am nature’s greatest mircacle”  and it has been that way since I was born.

Gratitude and kindness to the all that have made this possible .




Week 15 Let your light shine

In honouring the requirements, other members and myself on the MKMMA experience. I find myself at crossroads, as we do in the game of life.A decision needed to be made about two niggly question.

1 ) Do I give into” the river of dreams” the old blueprint and the life of quiet desperation? After all, I have been unknowingly following this for many years…and it has been comfortable at times and predictable.  …OR

2) Do I take the road of the unknown? The world within and face some personal dragons, fight for something that comes and goes in the midst of a confused mind,  do I listen to a feeling….. a feeling like no other something deep.. within the heart… a longing.

To help me find my direction I made a decision to revisited webinars after all the “team” has my back and a dose of inspiration was required. I found my way to Week 15 replay, page two of the notes and the words


Devene recited a passage from the book, A Return to Love; A Course in Miracles by Marianne Williamson.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us.We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you NOT to be?You are a child of god. You’re playing it small does not serve the world.There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you, We are all meant to shine, as children do.We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.It is not just in some of us, it is in everyone and as we let our light shine, unconsciously give others permission to do the same.As we are liberated from our own fear.our presence automatically liberates others.

I have come across this passage a few times and a few different variants.At first, it was in times of a rough separation and darkness. I liken it to a bit to the light coming thru a crack in the shield.A shield I had built around myself to say to the outside world “I am strong” but really I was afraid. How quickly one can rebuild our own shields and carry on in the river of dreams.

I have seen the miracles that can happen when I let my shields down.When my light has shined,.in all its different shades ..the people it has touched to their soul.The miracles that happen.

I have seen first hand the cement on my own buddha, cracking and the light shine. In Og scroll IV it says “I am nature’s greatest miracle “.  

So in answer to those niggly questions… which road will I choose?… or which road will you choose.? For me the choice is difficult but I know the choice I make will have its challenges.. the unknown can be scary but I know now I have a mission to achieve and that is

Let my light shine, let it light the road ahead so I can see, and others may follow.   





Week 13 To Persist is to LIVE

As I prepared to write this post I am nearly one month behind on my posting. So a huge effort is required on my part.

I can,t pinpoint an event or find the exactly moment that things developed to create my current situation. Things I can recall are missing an exercise or two which developed into missing more and getting busy elsewhere.The feeling of guilt that seemed to always be in the background of my thinking. Demands on my time with other things that required attention, what I found is life can’t go on hold while I work on the world within.

I can give lots of reason or excuses to back up my story …but if you have read this far and in the MKMMA experience you may understand this is part of the journey.

So in preparation for this post and with lots of commentary going on in my head, an executive decision was made to revisit this week’s webinar.

As always the team of Mark, Davene, and others do a fantastic presentation.This week we had two Master Guides, Sarah Horne, and Luc Griffet giving a talk around QUITTING. Both talks were powerful but for me, Luc,s really hit home.

I listen as he spoke about his story of conquering a mountain and how this related to MY spiritual journey with MKMMA.

Now I have not asked Luc or anyone else permission to repeat some of his content. But with good intentions in helping myself and possible another soul on their journey, I shall commence.


We always have the choice..just remember what we have learned in the Master Key System: “Once we have started a thing, quitting is only an ignominious failure” Hannel


You choose to start your MKMMA Heros journey as a spiritual quest….and the result of this choice is your promise to repeat every day all of the Sit, the cards, the DMP, the guy/gal in the glass, the shapes, the mental diet, Masterminding, the blueprint builder and all related exercises….QUITTING would simply mean to NOT do some or all of this daily exercise…. this would prevent the formation of the NEW HABIT of doing them…resulting in…no change, the sad victory of the Old Blueprint, the refusal of the call the REJECTION of your HIGHER SELF.

TO PERSIST IS TO LIVE (Keep in mind the Mountain we are climbing)

How long did you wait before finding your MKMMA Mountain? Not a waste of time, just preparation, unknowingly waiting for the right time! For sure, realized you had goose bumps when you first heard about the MKMMA training realized that you would be accompanied by the world class guides Mark and Davene..The attraction of the MKMMA benefits is irresistible…. something inside of you (in the world within Knows it is for you!


How strong was your desire to fulfill MKMMA when you first discovered it?….Remember……Do you remember you excitement at the first MKMMA session ?…Ok, you were rather overwhelmed after the first two weeks…..but you were committed, RIGHT! and you bravely continued…Yes, you are half-way on your Hero”s Journey too …Might have been hard on the way, but you did it so far, you can be proud of you, REALLY


Isn’t it irritating that”DOUBT” (old blueprint) regularly comes back to cause confusion in our mind?……It might be a little hard to admit it, but you too are right at a POINT OF NO RETURN in your Heros journey …what do you Think? How do you feel?…Do you trust Mark and Davene, the staff, and your guide to show the way?.They have walked the MKMMA several times, they KNOW the way and their rope is strong too…are you ready to trust your capacity to follow them?

The STORM, Christmas holiday break is this treating your heroes Journey Like a storm?

Do you realize that you too will soon be confronted by the same question your HerosJourney?..”To live or …To Die? Ask yourself ” How do you stay alive?


Can you hear your guides Mark, Davene and the staff,”GO on stay focused, do the exercises, one step at a time” …What is your answer to the call?….not answering IS an answer too by the way! SHALL YOU DO YOUR BEST? ONE STEP AT A TIME?..will you choose to live..to grow and say every day.I will do my best, itheI will go on with my exercises ONE STEP AT A TIME! This is how you overcome the QUITTING habit by replacing it with the WINNING habit! and QUITTING………That is the choice of dying…. Dying to your purposes….your dharma.






Thank you for reading this, hope it brings comfort to a restless soul.





Week 12 Moving forward

PERSISTENCE  is this month theme from  Og  and The greatest salesman.We have crossed out the word WILL as we are instructed to do.This means the reading has changed slightly from being in the future with the word WILL .Remove it, and the reading takes on a new vitality, almost like it you are doing it now.

Lots of good things from this week class plus Mark and D giving us words of wisdom, encouragement and peppered with lots of enthusiasm. You can’t help but be pulled in to it all and feel the LOVE.

Part of our  home study was to prepare a 1 sentence of our D.M.P.Hands up ,I didn’t do it as I tried to blend into the back of the class.An aha moment this is what I done at school hmm so  I going to that to see why that popped up? The reason for the 1 sentence was we had a small exercise to do …well 50 minutes to be exact…..I was given a choice to use my movie trailer version  of my DMP by Mark..or I could disappear in to the kitchen and have another coffee..subby talking, old blue print .Well persistence turn up and whacked me with the new blue print . A bit like what happen at school when the teacher found me day dreaming in class ,”character adjustment required” was his mantra. Only difference being I had done a lot of work over the last 10 weeks to become aware of.. 1… a blue print that I was unconsciousness of and how it came to be,  how this had ruled my inner world of thoughts and feelings.. 2….  Today I have a new blue print created by, this course and with a new awareness of my Dharma my dreams thing are a changing :-).

Back to the exercise , required  1.. a mirror 2.. my trailer version of my DMP  3…Courage to step out of my comfort zone .. and 4.. faith in the process…..instruction stand in front of mirror and repeat trailer version with enthusiasm plus for 50 minutes. Easy, started with a small mirror then progressed quickly to a full size one. After all some one special was watching this .. me and my further self .With gusto I was in to it,or so I thought, after about three reads. I could tell/feel the guy looking back at me wasn’t that impressed with the show . Time to put some actor into the action. A bit of tape and my script was attached to the mirror ,hands free.Now any one who knows me would agree I am not the actor type. 🙂 .

The show continued hands, arms and legs going,.lots of voice modulation. jumping around, face pulling.lots of yelling. After 10 minutes things where starting to tire, voice was starting to get a bit horse.A quick drink of water and the show continued,.this time there where a couple of quick costume changes to match the mood .Guy in the mirror was impressed  .30 minutes,  getting buggered, obviously I am a not a fit athletic type either. GIVE UP was a shout from the subby ,NO WAY was the reply .The guy in the mirror wasn’t ready ..so the show keep on going, just at a slower pace just in case old heath issue showed up. Quick glance at clock ,2 minutes to go ..give it all you got was the call. When the show ending there was a standing applause from all those present, WELL DONE ROB and a big smile of recognition from the guy in the glass.

Well from all of this  I know what I earn for 11 weeks of hard work , Knowledge ..Power….Courage  and ..Faith..and lots of Perspiration. 🙂




Week 11 Persistence

This blog is a bit later than I would have liked it to be .Some how I seemed to have been in an odd place over the last couple of weeks.To be honest I  found my commitment to the exercises ,readings, affirmations and sit’s had slipped .Slowly at first I starting missing a read, here and there ,or listening to my recording ,doing the exercises  or taking time for self .Each time I missed something I would promise myself to catch up an try harder next time .Even knowing that..” Next time”…. will come and there will be another reason to slip didn’t  seem to matter .Other things seemed to come by… more pressing    .I need to do this or that ... Keep my word I promised to do it !… others  waning my attention..my time. No matter what I tried to do to correct things nothing seemed to work .  Inner conflict,turmoil and guilt where on the journey.

At the beginning of the month we moved from Scroll  11 …I greet this day with love in my heart…. on to scroll 111… I will persist until I succeed .At first I found the tone of this scroll and some phrases a bit disturbing. After all last month was about Love in my heart and then.. there didn’t seem to be any and a comparison the bravery of young bulls and sheep to the slaughterhouse. So after persisting in the reading  this paragraph started resonating with in me .

Hence forth,I will consider each days effort as but one blow of my blade against a mighty oak.The first blow may cause not a tremor in the wood,nor the second,nor the third.Each blow,of it self,may be trifling,and seem of no consequence .Yet from childish swipes the oak will eventually tumble.So will it be with my efforts of today ”

Now in thinking on this I can see the mighty oak as my old blueprint and those habits that can bite you in the arse when you least expect it .The blows are from the all the exercise we are doing 3 x per day ,the readings and affirmations. So when the mighty Oak has fallen some thing must grow in its place. Therefore , I am reminded to keep tilling the soil of my mind. Prepare this space for new seeds and watch them grow … Law of Growth…Watch out for the weeds….remove them quickly or they will take hold…. this may be what has been happening for me lately.??.. time for a good weeding … Make space for the mighty Oak to grow ,nourish it with affirmations.do the exercise .LOVE some more and BELIEVE .

Next Oak tree I see will be getting a  big hug ,maybe I will be come a tree huger :-).


Week Ten. Break time lets party.

Well after 9 weeks of exercises, webinars and hair pulling, we have a break the 1st trimester  is over, Yah the pressure is off ” RELAX a bit” a little voice in my head suggest Sounds great “Why not You deserve a break” is another thought “. You have lots of better things you could do” and the list could go on .So very tempting, but wait from this weeks short lesson I collected another one of those WAM moments of enlightenment .”Are you doing the exercises as a list of things you need to do to maintain the scholarship?” Mark J said in a way and with that look in his eyes, that makes me mutter… Who Me !…  “Is it a scholarship vs creating the life you want.” Hmm something to ponder on. A life of quite desperation or follow my compass to Living a life I love . I have come this far and I PROMISE TO… continue.. with a refreshed view on why I am doing this programme.

As we progress through the programme…( AKA the roller coaster  ) 🙂  I can see from my own experience, observation of the alliance areas and comments on other participants        blogs .We are all going through different stages of struggle and doubt.Then times of jubilation and the ecstatic  feeling of.. I GET THAT… .well this week we have the chance to revisited the past, all the way back to week 1 and a self assessment test we where ask to complete. Consisting of 20 Always/Sometimes/Never question. no right or wrong answers.Only I get to see my score ,so answer the question as honestly as possible.Easy instruction easy question.Well  I can remember clearly  filling these question out . That little voice in my head creating doubt in every move of the pen,” that’s  not right ” …You’ve got to be kidding ….Who are you think you can do this..Blaa, Blaa, Blaa…  then that to familiarly feeling of  I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH wells up from within and cast that gloomy cloud over everything. I feel that in reading this some souls will be able to relate to it in your own unique way…

Well back to this week and the self assessment .Panic quickly developed when I couldn’t find the 1st assessment in a not so well organised study area.Bits of paper going all over the place, self-doubt was foolish enough to try to get a say in the proceedings ….but  was quickly put in its place ..with a stronger positive thought.. you have got this far WELL DONE was the reply … Law of substitution at work 🙂 and the Mental diet. Yahh success again.Found the 1 st assessment… lined up the second one and without hesitation straight in to the question.Tick here ..tick there before I knew it I was at the end .Quick look over ..yep happy with my replies and now the final score…. A flash back to this weeks  video with Mark J saying any improvement even one point is a celebration and proof things are working ,old being replace with the new. SURPRISE there was a 10 point difference…CELEBRATION ..felt like I had given self-doubt a real kick in the arse. The programme, self-discipline to turn up , do the hard work .is paying off in a big way.

Which leads to this week master keys part 10:23 Knowledge will not apply it self.You must make the application.Abundance will not come to you out of the sky,neither will it drop into your lap …   

Something to ponder …are we  sitting in grandstand watching the game of LIFE,…watching with an opinion on ever move that’s made…..or are we on the field…,getting knocked about….bouncing back applying the knowledge….learning how to score the next measure of  improvement ….. the next step on the journey of discover… that next step in LIVING THE LIFE YOU LOVE……..reaching for another tissue 🙂

Let your light shine so others may follow.




Week Nine. Responsibility

What a week it has been…distractions all over the place…demands on ones time… jobs to be finished others to be started…being pulled one way then a  change of course.. off to do something else . Where can I find time to catch up on the important stuff. STOP! I felt like yelling,let me of the roller coaster I need a rest.

Then it happen? Less than 5 min into this week webinar there in  clear writing and back up with Mark J’s  narrative… Personal Responsibility .”.I had created my outer world which is a manifestation of my inner world. My distraction….was my creation.”Up came the defensive’s line.. subby had more ammunition and was taking over the show.Mental diet went out the door and boy oh boy what a great reason for an opinion.After all the hard work how dare he say it’s all my doing …and I could go on but that may be an opinion .

Funny thing, without hesitation ,and within 7 seconds .I pulled on the old mental hand brake done a bit of sit up the old chair, leaned forward and listened…Now that’s a different reaction from a few weeks back .Liberating  in understanding I had created the obstacles was Marks’ commented ,tough and fearful experience you bet ya … and the pay off ?” Well I  could make ever one else wrong after all its all their fault”was a passing thought aah ha caught that one just in time . Quick mental adjustment LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE is the theme of the GS scroll for the month…. Personal power over self was Mark’s next comment Bammm that hit home …I have the power…  WOW… it felt like I was actually looking at my old self in the mirror ,from the perspective of the observer,or that not so distant friend.

“Building the bridges to so others can follow ,Let your light shine ” I shout as I am reaching for another tissue .Now  back on to the roller coaster with the rest of the crew, there is work to be done and fun times ahead .